E.J. Gold Chocolatier

Our Story ...


My Unified Chocolate Theory has as its basis the 3 Primary Factors.

Quality, Quality and Quality.

To me, design and presentation are extremely important. A well-designed presentation prepares the palate for the expectation of great taste.

How Much Is It???

Price . $20 for a box of four Really Big Truffles . is as fair as possible given the higher cost of Truly Great Chocolate, and yes . there is a difference. Not all chocolate is the same. We use only the very finest ingredients from remote places around the world, and we mustn.t forget The Great Secret:

The More The Chocolate Costs, The Better It Tastes.

Doubt it? Ask any chocoholic.

Photo of Chef E.J. Gold in the kitchen

We rent a kitchen for each event. Since Sacred Prasad, whether chocolate or otherwise, is seasonal, we rent only when we need to make and deliver our chocolates.

We take pride in shipping a great product, which we truly believe to be the World.s Best Chocolate, period. We can ship anywhere at any time of the year, even in temperatures in excess of 100 degrees fahrenheit. Just ask us about HOT weather shipping if you need it.

Photo of Chef E.J. Gold in the kitchen

Our primary ingredient is FREE RANGE CHOCOLATE, which means it can run around anywhere it wants to, and comes from strictly protected rainforest environments which prohibit the use of pesticides and strip farming practices, and are Canopy-Friendly, meaning they encourage the maintenance of the natural Rain Forest Canopy; so naturally, more expensive, but we feel that the environmental issues and business ethics are well worth the few extra pennies of cost, don.t you???

The real secret of Truly Great Chocolate is only partly where the chocolate comes from and how it.s blended. Those are no secret. It comes from a single plantation in Costa Rica. It.s blended by the greatest chocolatiers in Belgium.

To make really fine chocolate, you can.t be in a hurry, can.t be full of corporate bottom-line techniques and corner-cutters.

Time & Patience is what is chiefly needed. Luckily, we have plenty of that . not going anywhere all that soon, and it.s well that we do have sufficient patience for this delicate alchemical process . it takes over five hours of intense labor with no relief, no time to relax . to produce every hundred Prasad Truffles.

My hope is that you.ll enjoy the Prasad and that it will bring Blessings to You and Yours . of course, there.s a catch . to distribute Prasad (Blessed Food) you must be at Darshan. Sigh, you knew there was a catch, eh?

Be well, be happy, be working.